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  • I understand that all delegates must be a natural born female and be at least 4 years of age. I understand that I am required to attend the 2020 International Pageant and if I am crowned with a 2020 Royal International Miss International divisional title, I promise to help promote the RIM system by making a minimum of 10 appearances throughout my 12 month reign including attending my own state pageant (if held) and one additional state pageant throughout the year. I understand that if for whatever reason I am unable to compete at the 2020 RIM International pageant, I will be required to return my state crown, sash, and any other prizes given to me in the condition it was received (or pay all replacement costs) within 10 business days. I understand that all fees paid are non-refundable. I understand that I will be required to sign a International Titleholder contract which includes both a morality clause and a restricted non-compete clause. The morality clause states that all delegates must be in good moral standing, must have never posed nude in any form of media, and that the delegate agrees to adhere to our standards of acceptable behavior. The restricted non-compete clause states that as a International Titleholder, I may not compete for any other National or International title that would require me to relinquish my title with Royal International Miss. I understand that as a International titleholder, I am expected to return to the 2021 RIM International Pageant and stay for the duration of the International event and crown my successor. I understand that if I am crowned as an International titleholder that I will receive fifty percent (50%) of my total cash scholarship upon signing the official 2020 Royal International Miss International contract, and the remaining fifty percent (50%) will be awarded at the completion of my reign. All monies paid to Royal International Miss are non-refundable. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Royal International Miss. All delegates and their parents or guardians hereby release and forever discharge Royal International Miss Scholarship Organization, its directors, employees, staff and volunteers from any and all claims and demands arising from damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, loss or injury resulting from participation in the Royal International Miss Scholarship Program. Royal International Miss has the right to refuse entry at its discretion.